A woman’s search for emotional peace leads her on an unexpected journey. 

Director’s Statement

This short film is a pure act of love. My sweet 14-year-old son was a victim of a random act of gun violence in 2015. I needed to create a piece not only to honor him but also to help others grieve and move on after a devastating loss.

After the death of my son, I had so many powerful feelings swirling around in my head and I felt that if I did not express them, I would explode. I simply began writing these feelings down in the narrative form. At the same time, Marina and Amy were both very supportive of my desire to direct. The two ideas (writing and directing) came together and “Light” was born. Marina and Amy graciously jumped in with both feet. They both simply said, “Tell me when and where and I will be there.” The small crew of fourteen, comprised of Chicago PD TV Series crew members, worked very, very hard over a two day period as we “run and gunned” through Chicago streets and then drove to Milton, Wisconsin for the Lake House scenes.

During our rigorous TV schedule, the cast and crew gave me an entire weekend of their lives for which I am eternally grateful. They trusted me and my vision and dove into the project with open hearts and a willingness to create a lovely short film that honors my son Patrick and helps thousands of people work through their grief. May the light always shine for this incredible cast and crew.

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